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Production Statistics

Russian chemical production up to Q3 2020 available on Statistical Database

Trade Statistics

Russian paraxylene exports abd PTA imports January to September 2020

Russian TDI-MDI imports by country source, volume and value January to September

Russian methanol exports by destination, volume and value January to September 2020

Russian methanol monthly production by producer, together with exports and domestic sales up to September 2020

Russian Synthetic Rubber Exports by Destination January to September 2020 (unit-kilo tons)


November 2020 News

CIREC Monthly News, issue no 360, dated 23 November 2020

Russian methanol project update

Tomet stoppage

met stopped methanol production on 21 October following the seizure of the company's accounts held on 25 September.  This relates to a court case involving Togliattiazot and its minority shareholder Uralkhim, and Tomet has found itself in the middle of this dispute.  Tomet happens to be wrapped up in long-standing corporate conflict between billionaire Dmitry Mazepin and the former leaders of Togliattiazot, to whom the owner of Uralkhim ??is making claims.  A sum of more than 87 billion roubles was passed for claims by the Komsomolsk District Court of Togliatti in July 2019. Tomet was also on the list of legal entities, despite the fact that there have never been any ties or contractual relations between the company and Uralkhim.  

After the accounts were seized in September Tomet struggled to secure funds for operating and therefore was eventually forced to stop production on 21 October.  At the time of closure the company had built up stocks of 35,000 tons of methanol to cover immediate sales which represents around a half of a normal month’s domestic and export shipments.

Tomet considers Uralkhim's claims to be unfounded.  The company is one of the largest taxpayers of the Samara region paying around 9.5 billion roubles in taxes to the budgets of all levels over the past five years.  As a result of the Tomet closure of the 950,000 tpa plant the monthly deficit on the Russian market amounts to around 30,000 tons which has already led to an increase in product prices.  Any market shortfall in November can be met through increased utilisation at other plants such as Azot at Novomoskovsk and Ammoni at Mendeleevsk.   However, almost immediately Shchekinoazot increased the cost of methanol by 3,600-7,200 roubles per ton.  Its not clear at this stage what might happen to Tomet, whether it can restart in December at the earliest, but it has become a bargaining chip in the big game of Uralkhim ??for taking control over Togliattiazot.

CIREC Monthly News, issue no 359, dated 19 October 2020

Russian Methanol Exports 2020 (unit-kilo tons)

Country Aug  Sept Oct
Belarus 21.8 19.5 23.8
Finland 60.9 55.2 89.7
Germany 0.2 0.3 0.2
Kazakhstan 2.2 3.4 3.4
Latvia 1.4 1.0 1.3
Lithuania 8.4 9.2 8.5
Netherlands 24.4 28.6 15.1
Poland 23 18.8 26.7
Romania 5.3 3.9 0.0
Slovakia 9.5 9.7 12.8
Turkey 2 5.8 3.2
Ukraine 3.4 5.8 5.8
Others 0 0.0 4.1
Total 162.5 161.1 194.7

Russian Methanol Market first half of 2020 Presentation

Russian Methanol Market 2020-to be published in April 2021

Introduction to Russian Methanol Report 2019-2025, publication date 1 February 2021

Russia accounts for about 5% of global methanol production and is an important source of exports in the international marketplace.  Prior to the spread of COVID-19 and its economic repercussions a number of large-scale methanol projects were planned for Russia which would have a significant impact on the country’s export capability significantly.  Projects already in process such as the 500,000 tpa plants under construction at Shchekinoazot and Nizhnekamskneftekhim may see minor delays, but the deep-sea projects particularly in the north west of Russia may be subject to re-evaluation, potentially lengthy delays and possible cancellation.  

This report starts with detailed analysis of the current Russian methanol market in regard to production, exports and domestic sales.  Each plant is examined to show where production is sent or used internally.  Export destinations are shown for Russian methanol by volume and value, whilst the complications and technicalities concerning logistics, ports and railways are outlined.  Finally each outstanding project is analysed with prospects for construction and completion before providing scenarios for Russian methanol capacity up to 2025.

Subscription to this report includes twelve months access to CIREC data on methanol, consisting of monthly updates for production, domestic sales and exports with export destinations. 




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